Life is more complex than it used to be, which means there is an increasing demand for trained counsellors particularly in Africa. For example;

  • Several couples now endure marriage; struggling with issues of loneliness, infidelity, lack of trust, financial challenges, sexual challenges and role misconceptions.  Counselling helps.
  • Many people no longer have the network of friends and family so they have no one to turn to for help. A counsellor can provide both the support and counsel others cannot.
  • Women are no longer willing to tolerate abuse or bad behaviours from their spouses. They often now seek counsel and/or ask their partners to seek counsel. About 66% of mid-life divorces are initiated by women. Counsellors can help bring partners together.
  • Due to 21st century parents work schedule, many children/teenagers lacked the detailed care and support given by Parents. Some turn to drugs, some fail at schools, some give in to peer pressures while many others are molested and abused sexually. Again counsellors can help.
  • Several now run to churches and other religious organizations but unfortunately most religious leaders are almost crumbling under the weight of their demands. A pastor equipped with counselling skills can be in a better position to serve his people without breaking down.

We will help you become that person; people are looking for to help with their problems. We will help you achieve your dreams of helping others. We will provide you platforms and opportunities to meet with others of like-passion. We will empower you with exercises and techniques for personal transformation.