Holds a Masters in Counselling from Grace Theological Seminary. He has been a consultant to CWR/Waverley, IBSTE (Barcelonia) and the European Leadership Forum. A visiting lecturer to the Latvian Christian Academy, Alathea Bible College (South Africa) and an assessor for the South African Theological Seminary. Has been an assistant Headteacher, University tutor, seminar speaker, writer, counsellor and founding editor of The Christian Counsellor. He offers education and counselling consultancy/training in Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, USA and UK

Richard is the founding editor of the former magazine The Christian Counsellor, has had a long association with the work of L’Abri (Francis Schaeffer), and currently presents seminars around the world in Christian counseling.

He obtained his Masters in Biblical Counselling from Grace Theological Seminary (Indiana, USA) under Dr Larry Crabb and Dr Dan Allender. He is also qualified in Reality Therapy as well as holding a Primary Certificate in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy.

He has been a consultant to various Christian organisations as well as a guest lecturer for the Latvian Christian Academy, Alathea Bible College (Siyabuswa, South Africa), and an assessor for the BTh degree for the South African Theological Seminary.

His speaking engagements have taken him as far afield as South Africa and the USA. In addition he speaks regularly in Switzerland, Spain and Portugal



       Mrs. Chiadi Ndu was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1987. She holds a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology, Diplomas in Stress Management and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy  and a Certificate in Addiction Counselling.   She also has a Certificate from Becks Institute for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Depression.  Chiadi is an Institute of Integrative Nutrition New York certified Health Coach and is also equipped with Biofeedback training from Stens Corporation California. She has a Ph.D. in view.

      Chiadi is a Member of British Association of Cognitive Behaviour Practitioners (BACBP); Member, Women in Business (WimBiz); Patron, C.O.Pe (A Breast Cancer awareness network); Mentor, Meadow Hall School; Affiliate, Lifestyle Group PTY, South Africa; Facilitator, Darkness to Light, Charleston-South Carolina USA (An Organisation focused on preventing child abuse). She is also a Volunteer Therapist to Mirabel Rape Centre and Jack n Jil. She is passionate about working with teenagers and young adults in areas of personality profiling, behavioural modification and career directing.

Chiadi Ndu is the Founder of BTH Integrated Services, a Therapy and Wellness firm that provides psychological support services for both corporate and private individuals.



Wes is the Executive Director of Hope Counselling Services North Carolina, he holds a degree from North Carolina State University. After serving with two non-profits in Durham, Wes moved to Philadelphia to pursue further theological training through Westminster Theological Seminary and the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation. He holds a Master of Arts in Religion from Westminster.

From 2011-2016, Wes served as the director of CCEF’s School of Biblical Counseling. As the director, he provided leadership to a global educational program in biblical counseling that served over 1,500 students annually in over 40 countries.



Professor and Head, Department of English University of Lagos having obtained a BA from University of Jos and MA in English and Dramatic Literature from University of Jos. Former commissioner for Higher Education, Delta. Visiting Editorial Board Member – Guardian Newspaper. A prolific author with a passion for teaching, having over 30+ years teaching and author of several poems, plays and books.
After an experience with kidnappers affected his mental health, Prof Hope become passionate about Mental Health Issues, even starting an NGO called Mind and Soul Helpers Initiative (MASHI)
Dr. Mrs. Debbie Adegbite, is the Provost and Registrar of Bethel Institute of Theology and Biblical Research