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    Creative Impact Agency(CIA) was honored for Outstanding Use of Online Media (Advertising, PR and Marketing) at the 24th annual Webby Awards for a year. magazine became the first Agency to win the prestigious Webby Award, which recognizes Webby’s top clientele. The winning campaign utilized an unprecedented approach to media and Internet marketing and utilized a creative strategy that created powerful storytelling to build customer loyalty. The campaign bridged traditional and Internet media to create a campaign that had a powerful impact on both customers and clients.

    The Creative Impact Agency utilized an unusual media plan. The campaign’s five key partners formed a “family” of online media agencies, with each agency providing media buys in order to build loyalty with the customer base. In turn, this loyalty grew the business and contributed to an increase in revenue. magazine , Amazon Studios, developed and produced the movie “TRUTH Motes.” The movie was one of the most watched trailers on YouTube at the time.

    magazine at CIA became so successful at using viral marketing and other viral strategies to create customer loyalty and increase revenue, they were nominated for a Webby Award. Not surprising, considering how successful they were at creating a winning campaign. Creative Impact was nominated for four awards including the Webby Awards’ Best Campaign. The agency also received kudos from Webby Awards’ jury members, who felt that the winning campaign “really brought it.”

    Through the creative efforts of CIA, they were able to not only create a buzz for their movie but to continue building momentum well after the movie was released. Digital subscriber growth was robust through the first half of the year, and DVD subscriber growth continued at a steady pace as well. The success of the campaign was fueled by engaging content that drawing from real life experience and shared knowledge. The movie’s main character, Mikey, was an agent who worked in the CIA. The campaign incorporated elements from his real life experience and successfully weave them into digital online media.

    What is so critical to note about creative impact campaigns? magazine tend to build a positive reputation for the brand and maintain the brand’s reputation through the long-term. Consumers are drawn to well-designed campaigns that offer a unique angle or take an unconventional approach to issues. The online media utilized can include viral videos, streaming audio, streaming video, social networking, and more. It is important for an agency to use creative online media to not only enhance the movie’s momentum but also to engage with their audience. This allows the agency to communicate their messages in an engaging way.

    The agency needs to have an understanding of what types of digital online media will achieve the desired results. Creating buzz online is one thing, but creating a foundation for consumers to trust and feel confident in is another. With so many social networking sites and micro-blogging platforms available, the agency should choose which sites will enable them to communicate their desired message to the target audience. Social media is often utilized as a platform to generate interest, but agencies must be careful not to overdo it. A well-crafted campaign will help the agency establish trust and credibility within their audience.

    A creative impact agency will be able to create a campaign that gets results. They should seek to engage their customers through their online profiles or through other forms of digital interaction. It is important for agencies to remember that they need to stay relevant to their target market, while still providing current and relevant information. This helps consumers identify with the company and keep them engaged.

    Creative impact agency campaigns should provide a number of opportunities to share stories and experiences. The more the agency engages their consumers and shares their stories, the more likely consumers will remain engaged. In doing so, they will begin to form a bond with the company and will be more likely to purchase products or services from that company. Engaging your customers in your creative media campaigns will provide long-term benefits for your business.