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    In the last year, quartz (or quartzite) stone usage for home improvement has seen a huge rise in consumer popularity; I have personally seen it installed along with the effect can result in truly magnificent! It’s an excellent alternative for natural stones like granite and marble; and given that it’s man-made, is available in almost any design!

    So, what are uses of quartz stone?

    This type of stone is extremely good in the kitchen area, but better yet within the bathroom! Tiles might be shaped from this and also complete kitchen worktop surfaces; and having quartz as its base construct, it is extremely durable and extremely long-lasting.

    Kitchen Design

    Quartz stone because i stated above can be used for worktops. It is made in every colour and due to this can be matched with almost any decor. Kitchen floor tiles might be fashioned as can also be wall tiles – the truth is; most of your kitchen could be designed with this kind of stone in mind.

    Bathroom Design

    Your bathroom is a place where colours could possibly be let loose; and with quartz stone as a possible ally, will make the difference!

    Vanity bowls and units can be constructed from this stone as too can be baths, although you would require a specialist supplier of quartz stone products for this form of request along with the price might be a many more when compared to a standard product.

    Garden Design

    Truth be told, but quartz stone has even found its way into British gardens. Patios might be paved with quartz garden tiles – I have even seen crazy paving made out of off-cuts, which looked fabulous. It is possible to normally purchase off-cuts from local suppliers at a much price, as generally they get removed.

    I’d personally like to mention here that we have seen some garden ornaments created from quartzite, however these a are simply few in number in many garden centres and garden ornament supply shops. Exactly the same can even be said for home ornaments.

    It can be clear and understandable that quartz stone can be a truly versatile home product and due to the great number of colours and patterns it includes, makes this stone a most wonderful choice for many!

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