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    We not only help conserve lots of water, likewise indirectly obtaining saving water costs. Preserving the earth . like hitting 2 birds with a stone. Establishing this will be very uncomplicated and minimal in maintenance if this how consider care from it properly. This is like a onetime setting up and your entire life of emploi. So here, I’m going…[Read more]

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    A few years back, professional carpet cleaning was considered a service that could possibly be afforded through the rich single. Today, almost all of us have experience having a professional carpet cleaner. However, some people still prefer manual carpet cleaning. Given methods some points that explain the as well as cons cons of professional…[Read more]

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    Most because they came from use computers are experienced with the undeniable fact sometimes they simply don’t work like they supposed with. They get slow, they get viruses, they provide you error messages. A lot of times people just have no clue how to handle with difficulties. However, you’ll be able to news is there handful of solutions that a…[Read more]

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Attitude Development International (ADI) is a registered organization focused on equipping others mentally, emotionally and intellectually. We are active in providing professional training, educational, rehabilitation and counseling services. We have being in operations since 2006.


ADI COUNSELING SCHOOL, a subsidiary of ADI (Attitude Development International) is Africa’s leading humanistic integrative counselling training school established to meet the needs of Africans and others who desires to acquire training in the helping professions but cannot access where to acquire such training.


Address: 25 Ladipo Kasumu Street off Tinuade Street Firstbank Busstop Allen Avenue Ikeja Lagos.
Phone : +234 701 827 9969
+234 905 926 8663