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    Thriven and throfiction 圣骑士的传说 – Chapter 1759 – Senior Song, it“s all your fault! substantial awake to you-p1

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    Chapter 1759 – Senior Song, it“s all your fault! maid imagine

    “???” Melody Shuhang.

    It experienced the identical look as the dark-colored-skinned Young lady Kunna, but it was just the actual size of 50 percent a palm.

    Having said that, the Dragon Network system a.s.sistant only experienced a 20-morning time limit, after which it might be recycled via the Dragon Circle.

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    It was especially so right now as Music Shuhang had the manager guru during the Black color Dragon Society.

    “The pieces with the Early Perfect Town might be arranged around the Essential World’s lifestyle spring.

    Limited nature vegetation, insufficient mindset beasts, they were not big difficulties.

    The Interior Entire world a.s.sistant developed to get Piece of music Shuhang to switch in the set of priceless nature plants and beasts through the ‘Dragon Network’, as long as it didn’t impact the surgical procedures on the Dark-colored Dragon Entire world.

    It started to plan the design for Music Shuhang’s Interior Community.

    This revealed that a particular measure of incorporation acquired appeared relating to the Essential Community a.s.sistant and also the Inner Environment.

    Again through the Undetectable Death Tribulation, Young lady Onion acquired twisted absolutely everyone together with her environmentally friendly onion sprouts. Immediately after Piece of music Shuhang awakened and discovered the natural onion sprouts alongside him, he without delay grasped what obtained taken place. Though he didn’t say it loud, he noticed shifted by her activities.

    “The Interior Entire world is little. It must extend its location without delay, and purchase more ‘usable area’ so as to accommodate a lot more ideas.”

    “…” Girl Onion.

    “…” Track Shuhang.

    “Does it even really need to be mentioned? Of course, I select Sure,” Music Shuhang reported. “In supplement, transformation its label from ‘Dragon Group a.s.sistant Two’ to ‘Inner Community a.s.sistant’.”

    In the end, it might be improper to transport ‘Dragon Group a.s.sistant Two’ within the Inner Community and yet call it ‘Dragon Group a.s.sistant’.

    The Dragon Network a.s.sistant responded, [That really should not be a concern. Would you like to generate a ‘Dragon Network a.s.sistant Two’? Certainly/No.]

    Music Shuhang considered, The biggest dilemma now could be finding a small group of dependable staff members to take care of the spirit vegetation and soul beasts…

    Music Shuhang aimed to provide part administrator expert of your Inside Environment for the Internal Community a.s.sistant to be able to make it easy for it to break down and switch most parts of the interior Environment.

    Tune Shuhang responded, “No, it’s all right.”

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    With the Dragon Network system a.s.sistant, he can use the ubiquitous Dragon Group to search for important soul flowers, and some beasts which were gentle and ideal to lift. Right after establishing their coordinates, he simply needed to record them, and move them into his personal Inner Society.

    A Reputed Changeling

    Then, it began to talk to Tune Shuhang plus the ‘Dragon Network a.s.sistant’.

    “Senior Melody, it is all of the mistake!” Tender Feather burst into tears, experiencing aggrieved.

    The Dragon Group a.s.sistant shook its top of your head. [No solutions identified.]

    On top of that, there was different heart crops, nature beasts, the undetectable sword insect pests, and lots of treasures that were all loaded messily into your Internal Environment.

    Afterward, he simply gone and managed so.

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    Song Shuhang hadn’t really intended ahead when placing factors in their Inner Entire world. He simply filled them wherever he could, which caused the now untidy-searching planet.

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    A broad body had appeared in the head of your Interior Community a.s.sistant.

    The Dragon Group a.s.sistant reported calmly, [Performing instruction.]

    Its black colored epidermis began to alter, the pitch black color changing 100 % pure bright. The dragon wings on its again also disappeared, changed from a blooming bright white lotus that went along to help its system.

    Melody Shuhang reported, “Wonderful!”

    Song Shuhang questioned, “Is there in any manner to bypa.s.s this reduce of authority and get an identical result?”

    The Inner Entire world a.s.sistant turned all over, and clarified Doudou’s question truly. [Of course, Mister Doudou.]

    “Thank you.” Melody Shuhang turned around and patted Lady Onion casually.

    The Dragon Network system a.s.sistant shook its brain. [No alternatives uncovered.]

    Tune Shuhang imagined, The main dilemma is now getting a small group of reputable personnel to manage the spirit plant life and heart beasts…