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    Novel – My Youth Began With Him –My Youth Began With Him

    Chapter 4644 – : Su Yu’s Additional Story (94) meat explode

    He could discover how a mom sensed. It has to are tough on her behalf when her little princess was approximately to get betrothed.

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    Honestly, Su Yu wasn’t not really acquainted with Zhixin or Yang Meirong by any means.

    “Auntie, it is overdue. You males should remainder earlier.”

    Su Yu responded seriously because he drove, “Auntie Yang, don’t fret, I won’t lay down a finger on Mian through out my life… Genuinely, I won’t. Whether or not she doesn’t do well, she is still decent in my eyeballs.”

    Zhixin immediately smiled following he explained that.

    The red packages have been brought last a bag.

    “Mhm, I’ll go back tomorrow and package them right before taking them to you.”

    Yang Meirong’s eyeballs changed red as she claimed those words…

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    Huo Mian had the money to her mother’s room.

    “Mom, how come you stating this?” Huo Mian experienced like her mum was thinking past the boundary ahead.

    “None of that is a dilemma.”

    “None of which is a issue.”

    Chapter 4644: Su Yu’s Further Storyline (94)

    “Take it. When compared to my grandmother’s bracelet, this is a tiny amount of money.”

    “Then I’ll give you another 50.”

    Chapter 4644: Su Yu’s Additional Story (94)

    Of course, they had been already well known collectively inside the other community.

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    “Auntie, it is past due. You people should sleep beginning.”

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    Huo Mian took out 50 yuan from her wallet. “Here, go take in KFC.”

    Truth be told, Su Yu’s heart and soul ached upon listening to Yang Meirong’s thoughts.

    Su Yu patted Zhixin’s shoulder blades lovingly.

    “Mhm, I’ll return back the future and prepare them ahead of taking every one to you.”

    Huo Mian smiled at her sibling.

    “Brother Su Yu, you are a normal henpecked hubby.”

    “Mom, what’s wrong? Do you nothing like Su Yu?” Huo Mian required worriedly.

    “Brother Su Yu, you’re a normal henpecked partner.”

    Huo Mian took the bucks to her mother’s place.

    “Wow, seriously?” Zhixin was excited.

    He then explained good bye directly to them on the front door.

    He was without the aim of adhering to Huo Mian shamelessly.