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    Novel– Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard – Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

    Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1126 Nangong Quan’s Invite venomous giddy

    “You can’t toss the entire fault on me. You didn’t look at this chance either.”

    Han Xiuche scoffed.


    That morning, Extended Jie transported slowly like a turtle and lastly moved on the internet to visit her social network membership, “I’m sorry for making everybody hang on.”

    That couldn’t be feasible.

    “Whether or not you admit to staying wrong, your image has already been demolished in everyone’s sight. So, why waste your energy?” Han Xiuche’s sibling questioned having a lifted eyebrow. “Let it rest with me. I’ll steady your make any difference on your behalf!”

    Soon after experiencing the dilemma on the net, Han Xiuche’s buddy provided him a telephone phone, “Would you like me that will help you with PR?”

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    “Fast, appearance! Each disgusting wenches ended up grabbed achieving in the heart of the night time. However, they held stating that they weren’t common with each other!”

    “You talk recklessly and throw whatever pin the blame on you can actually on Tangning. This is arriving at a stop currently!”

    Han Xiuche glared at Ma Weiwei, not able to say a word!

    That couldn’t be attainable.

    Han Xiuche scoffed.

    At this moment, Han Xiuche and Ma Weiwei obtained their eyeballs on Long Jie’s social network bank account. Does this mean that she actually got research?

    Naturally, Han Xiuche would never pin the blame on himself. So, who could possibly be fault? He could only blame Tangning to be too ruthless.

    At that moment, Han Xiuche and Ma Weiwei had their vision on Extended Jie’s social network bank account. Do this imply she actually had information?

    In the mean time, Long Jie was consuming her time mainly because, not only was she trying to find information on Ma Weiwei, she also needed to retain the audience holding until their appet.i.tes gotten to their boundaries.

    That couldn’t be achievable.

    Han Xiuche sat over the furniture when he browse the insults from Tangning’s followers and agreed that he or she couldn’t let her have her way. So, in the end, he did not persist.


    “Hehe, sorry for creating everybody hang on. The evidence will be proper up!”

    “But, you have been the one that stated it oneself. Should you return back onto your words and phrases…”

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    They pushed him into your limelight and delivered him a deadly attack.

    “No need!”

    “It’s very best you imagination your company.”

    That which was viewed as their limit?

    “Seems like, we had been satisfied for absolutely no reason! I thought Han Xiuche would really be closed up this time!”

    When he spotted the video clips published by Longer Jie, Han Xiuche immediately jumped up from your chair. Currently, Ma Weiwei appreciated some thing, “Aside from the 2 of us, really the only individuals that find out about our meetings are our administrators. And, I really had a slipping by helping cover their my manager.”

    “You communicate recklessly and put whatever fault you can on Tangning. This is coming over to an end nowadays!”

    Ma Weiwei didn’t really think that Very long Jie would let her off of so conveniently, did she?

    On the other hand, Extended Jie was taking her time mainly because, not merely was she in search of information on Ma Weiwei, she also want to you want to keep viewers holding until their appet.i.tes reached their limits.

    They forced him into your limelight then served him a dangerous strike.

    Han Xiuche glared at Ma Weiwei, struggling to say anything!

    “Hahaha, I sense so restored i could consume two bowls of rice tonight…Ever since I’m fulfilled, I’m logging off!”

    “It’s most effective you intellect your own personal business.”

    “Longer Jie’s learned to lay likewise. In the event you don’t get facts, then stop totally wasting our time. You’re doing all the undergraduate admirers troubled. They can’t be mentally scarred such as this!”

    “Since Superstar Marketing has delivered to Hai Rui, I won’t practice that subject any longer. But, Han Xiuche, you will need to purchase what you’ve carried out with Ma Weiwei and how you’ve slandered Tangning.”

    “I never thought that Tangning’s approaches had been so ruthless!”

    Just what exactly if the complete internet was calling him a jerk?

    Words I Was Afraid To Hear


    At the same time, Longer Jie was getting her time for the reason that, but not only was she trying to find facts about Ma Weiwei, she also wished to you want to keep visitors hanging until their appet.i.tes gotten to their confines.

    Alright, so what if your whole internet was dialing him a jerk?

    Following finding the dilemma on the internet, Han Xiuche’s brother gifted him a mobile phone contact, “Would you like me to help you with PR?”

    “Longer Jie, hurry and present us your information!”

    Because of this, enthusiasts cheered in amus.e.m.e.nt.

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    Which had been all the difference between somebody who lacked enjoy and also a typical human being.