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    So where to donate clothes? With the recent recession, many people have given up on the idea of doing so. Some even give up on the idea of buying new things for their children. magazine decide to live with the fact that they cannot afford new clothes and accessories for their kids. The good news is, though, there are still ways to help out charities while at the same time getting great deals on clothes and other goods.

    One of the best places for people to donate their clothes to is the Salvation Army. Since magazine , the Salvation Army has been providing its members with the tools and clothing they need to survive on a daily basis. They do this by having their members purchase one item for every day that they live with the problem of living without enough money. Every time that a person purchases a product from them, they donate a piece of that product to a charity.

    Another great place to donate clothes is the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross receives and stores practically all kinds of donations, both large and small. The good thing about a place like the American Red Cross is that they have a point of difference, unlike some charities which just take any kind of donation. For example, most shelters will require that you donate clothes and other goods that are in very good condition. You can also expect them to collect blankets and pillows.

    The third option for those in need of clothes is the various thrift stores located throughout the United States. All across the country, thrift stores will accept donations of almost anything. Some of the most common types of items that people donate include office attire, office furniture, office equipment, small household appliances, and books. Those who want to give clothes and other goods to these stores can expect to receive some very generous discounts. This is because these stores do not consider themselves to be a business, and therefore the owners often take a great deal of pride in what they are selling to the public.

    Hospitals and nursing homes are another great source for clothing donations. magazine accept almost any type of donation, but they prefer blankets, hats, linens, and bathing suits. Because these organizations are recognized as medical enterprises, they are able to accept certain benefits from those who donate. These benefits include a tax break. Most of the time, hospitals and nursing homes will ask for an identification card from the person who has donated the items, in order to make sure that the money is legitimately coming from a charitable cause.

    A final option for those in need of clothes to donate is the local Job Corps program. Job Corps provides a great number of opportunities for individuals to earn extra money by working at a variety of jobs. When volunteering at a job, it is important to know which type of work you would be suited for. Some individuals want to help out those in need of gently used clothing, while others want to work in a clothing store, or get involved with an anti-workfare organization. Job Corps also accepts donations of any type, including office supplies, toys, books, sports equipment, or any other item that can be put to good use. For those who are serious about donating their unwanted or gently used clothing items to help those in need, a Job Corps volunteer job may be the answer.

    There are also a number of charitable organizations that accept donations of practically any kind. Many of these organizations accept donations of all kinds of items, including furniture, books, electronics, and other household items. These types of charities can be great resources for individuals who are in need of money to help with bills. While some of these charities require a significant amount of upfront fees, others do not. No matter what kind of charity you decide to donate your clothes to, the number of resources available are plentiful.

    No matter where to donate clothes to, one thing is certain. Many of these charitable organizations will accept your donations, no matter where they happen to be from. If you are looking for a place to donate your excess and unwanted clothes, the internet can be a great place to start. Numerous websites exist that allow you to type in your zip code and find a list of local charities that accept your donations. Just remember to look at the website of each charity before mailing in your items. Some charities will accept clothing, but not electronics, for example.