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    Hire an in-house team or outsource your marketing? The pros and cons of in-house vs. outsourcing your marketing strategy. To this end many individuals will prefer to add their own folks to implement their own startup marketing strategy. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this; especially if you already have the cash on hand to hire four or more close individuals to stay an eye on your finances.

    On the other hand you can just sign up to an in house marketing agency and leave the big job to them. This is certainly the most preferred option among those who are not in the startup stage but are looking to develop a brand strategy for their upcoming launches. This agency has the expertise and connections to work with startups and help them establish a solid marketing platform that is scalable and can be built into any part of the business. Furthermore, there are plenty of agencies that are willing to work with you even if you are not launching a product or service directly.

    So what are the differences between agencies that hire in house workers and startups that work directly with an agency. The obvious difference is that agencies hire people for a fixed period of time, often one or two months at a time. On the other hand startups can hire staff and bring new people on board at any time. Also, the full-time staff members of an agency are likely to be full-time staff, while startups need to hire a number of part-time employees and use temporary staff on a part-time basis. Also, the marketing strategy adopted by a startup might require the staff to remain full-time whereas agencies might only need a few seasonal employees. Lastly, agencies usually offer training to their staff members and will also manage benefits, payroll and employee benefits.

    So how do you choose the right company to work with? There are many aspects to consider when it comes to hiring a startup marketing agency. The best thing to do is to get referrals from people you know. If you want to work with an agency that’s been in business for several years, ask their former clients about the company’s performance. Or, look up feedback on the Internet and read independent reviews of agencies to get an idea of their reputation.

    Once you’ve short-listed a few agencies, make sure to call them and check out the agencies’ website. Check out the type of jobs offered by the agency, and check if they are offering services that match your industry (e.g. healthcare if you are in the healthcare industry). The website should also clearly define their remit and explain the process of applying to become a staff member. Be clear about what you expect from the startup marketing agency, including their remit and hiring guidelines.

    When you meet with startup marketing agencies, talk about the type of relationship you wish to develop, and how much time you want to spend working together. In the case of healthcare agencies, talk about how the agency can help you build a clientele. In the case of media agencies, talk about your target audience and how you intend to reach them. You may be able to identify one of the agencies with the best marketing mix. In this case, you can start to narrow down your search for potential joint ventures.

    For most companies and startups, the best marketing mix comes from combining traditional advertising with effective inbound marketing strategies. Whether it’s from a print or digital publication, an online article or video, or a newsletter, your company needs to ensure that the message is consistent with the product or service it provides. In addition to standard media, such as print, broadcast, or digital publications, inbound SEO, or search engine optimization, strategies can also build your brand or profile on the Internet, creating a need for more advertising and marketing .

    The first step in partnering with an inbound marketing agency is to determine the size and scope of the campaign you’d like to pursue. Many agencies offer portfolios of work they have completed for small businesses, medium-size businesses, and larger companies. Narrowing down your focus will help you find the right agency for your business. For many small businesses and startups, there are often no other options for inbound marketing agencies, but when you’re ready to expand your market share, inbound marketing agencies with a strong track record can be a great investment.