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    Did you know that Kobe Bryant is a proud girls dad? And Larry Bird and Tavin Cummings are also girl dads? If you have a girl daughter, this article is for you! Learn about their stories and legacy. If you are not a girl dad, you can still be one! Take podcast and support the cause of girls in sports. You can do it by sharing this article with other dads! But if you are not a girl dad yet, read on to find out how they have impacted the community and society.

    Kobe Bryant was a girl dad

    Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant was once the only NBA player to have a girlfriend. But now, his wife has a new baby girl, and she is thrilled that he has a female son! Kobe Bryant has a lot of adoring fans, so why is he a girl dad? Read on to find out. Kobe Bryant was a girl dad and has revealed his secrets to becoming a successful basketball player.

    The NBA star’s relationship with his wife Vanessa Duncan has been controversial since he first revealed he was expecting a girl. Despite the controversies surrounding the NBA player’s relationship with his wife, the couple is proud of their new daughter, named Eva. She was worried that her family would react badly to the “Girl Dad” movement, but she was thrilled when her wife’s family got behind her husband’s decision.

    Tavin Cummings is a proud girl dad

    Former NBA star Tay Cummings is a proud father of two daughters, Tiara and Isabelle. In 2017, he went undrafted and became an Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA). Tay’s wife Sara has two children, and the couple is proud of their daughters’ success. Tay’s daughter Isabella is a slender and athletic beauty. She is a proud girl dad, too!

    Larry Bird is a girl dad

    Basketball legend Larry Bird and Corrie Bird have an unlikely connection. Both were born in the same town and have the same parents. Bird’s father, Joe, suffered from alcohol addiction and later divorced Corrie’s mother, Janet Condra. The two met as teenagers at high school and married a year later. They had a daughter, Corrie, together. Despite their seemingly distant relationship, Corrie and Larry shared a close bond that has endured all these years.

    In addition to his son Connor, Larry Bird’s daughter Corrie is a basketball player. The couple married in 1989 and adopted two children. The youngest, Mariah, is a college graduate. She attended Boston University and Indiana State University Bloomington and studied Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management. She currently works as an event manager for Pacers Sports and Entertainment. She organized major events for the team over the past four years. Despite her fame, she has never revealed much about herself.

    Kobe Bryant’s legacy as a girl dad

    In the past, Kobe Bryant has inspired many men to become “Girl Dads,” a new phrase coined in honor of the basketball legend. He’s become a philanthropist, won an Oscar for his work in film, and authored a number of books. Kobe also took time out to coach Gianna’s youth basketball team.

    As a basketball player, Kobe embodied the “Mamba Mentality” in his games. He carried that same mindset off the court with his daughter Gigi. When asked about his legacy as a girl dad, he gushed over being a ‘girl dad.’ The NBA player even shut down questions about his son passing the torch to his daughters. Gigi was eight months pregnant when Kobe first met Duncan.

    The love of basketball was one of the first bonds between Kobe and Gianna, who accompanied him to the best games. Though Kobe’s love for basketball waned before Gianna came along, the young girl turned him into a dorky sports dad and a club team coach. Moreover, he and his family have three children. podcast in The New York Times highlighted Kobe’s love of sports, and Gianna’s dedication to her development.