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    Boskerfiction Unrivaled Medicine God – Chapter 2133 – Don’t Make a Spectacle of Yourself! division exclusive recommend-p2

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    Novel –Unrivaled Medicine God– Unrivaled Medicine God

    Chapter 2133 – Don’t Make a Spectacle of Yourself! year quiet

    Perfect currently, a determine slowly walked from the void.

    Sexy Dad!

    Extended Chi could not handle Ye Yuan by himself and shamelessly invited the other parts to have action.

    Longer Chi brought a ice cold snort. A powerful genuine dragon bloodline strength pushed down on Ye Yuan akin to a giant mountain / hill.

    Lu-er stated with the aggrieved search, “Young Learn, it was subsequently all Lu-er’s problem, provoking problems for you.”

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    As a Divine Emperor powerhouse, his bloodline was incomparably natural, previously growing to some type of highest on the dragon race.


    … …

    Despite the fact that he realized that Ye Yuan definitely experienced reliance, what sort of existence was he, Lengthy Chi? Why would he value a puny tiny position half a dozen dragon’s great pride?

    “When troopers come, make use of a general to maintain them out of. As soon as the h2o increases, use dust to help keep it backside. Scared of him for which?” Ye Yuan claimed coolly.

    But having said that, the size on this stronghold was still much smaller when compared to man cities.

    Longer Chi mused for a second and opened up his mouth and mentioned, “Since that’s the case, provide an elders’ achieving then! This emperor won’t allow this to make a difference go.”


    With 1 exchange, Ye Yuan sensed the potency of Longer Chi’s bloodline.

    Six good incredible emperors setting up a move as well actually could not restrain a measly very little rate half a dozen dragon?

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    As a result, regardless if it absolutely was Long Chi or Longer Yu, they respected Very long Hao this descendant very very.

    This is a real historic initially in Raindragon Stronghold.

    The number of excellent protector seniors obviously failed to consider Lengthy Zhi’s thoughts, possessing surprised expressions with their faces.


    Two wonderful demands colliding out of the blue, it brought on the void to tremble.

    Long Chi mused for a moment and opened his lips and explained, “Since that’s the situation, possess an elders’ achieving then! This emperor won’t allow this to topic go.”

    Two great stresses colliding instantly, it induced the void to tremble.

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    Longer Chi mused for a moment and started his mouth and explained, “Since that is the way it is, come with an elders’ getting together with then! This emperor won’t allow this to make any difference go.”

    … …

    Presently, Lu-er and Yang Fei-er also transferred nearer.

    Underneath Lengthy Zhi’s lead, Ye Yuan entered a stone household.


    Incredible Emperor Extended Chi checked out Ye Yuan, his gaze icy-chilly.

    These senior citizens believed that Ye Yuan was of the dragon competition, but they did not know how natural Ye Yuan’s dragon competition bloodline was.

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    “How can this be probable? I never think it!”

    Finished chatting, Prolonged Chi transformed around and remaining.

    Back then, he suppressed Heavenly Emperor Shaoyun as well as the Qilin Clan to all kneel down along with his power by yourself, and the man completely disregarded the outcomes!

    Lu-er reported anxiously, “But …”

    An astonis.h.i.+ng aura soared towards the atmosphere, urgent ideal against Longer Chi’s tension.

    … …

    Having the capability to talk about Extended Hao that sort of grandson, how very good could this fellow be?

    Prolonged Zhi did actually have contemplated something, his expression switching when he claimed, “Long Chi, what are you wanting?”

    “What? This really is unattainable!”

    Section 2133: Don’t Generate a Spectacle of Yourself!

    Certain enough, the minute he exposed his oral cavity, Ye Yuan observed that overbearing develop.

    No need to speculate, this large dragon was naturally Longer Chi definitely.