• Kline Christian posted an update 3 months ago

    If you have been online for any length of time, you have probably heard the term “Rent Email Lists” before. This is basically where a business, or website owner, will rent their lists to other companies so they can market to their subscribers. The advantage to this type of list is that it can be very affordable. Also, it is one of the best options for list building out there.

    There are two main ways that companies rent email lists. The first way is through Pay Per Click (PPC). When you perform a search for something on Google or Yahoo, you will see sponsored listings right on the top or side of the results. Every time someone clicks on these listings, a small fee will be charged to the person’s account. For every 1000 impressions, this fee will increase.

    Another way that businesses rent email lists is through an external source such as a list owner or list broker. These people will act as list owners for you and will collect the fees from you when you place your ads on their sites. Usually they will charge a monthly fee of some sort. Some list brokers will allow a discount if a person signs up more than once, while others will charge a flat rate for every 100 subscribers.

    Although this option does have its advantages, there are some disadvantages to using these types of lists. First, the amount of money that can be made through the use of these lists is pretty bad. Usually a person will only be able to make a couple of hundred dollars per month with these lists. For some lists, this may be okay, but for most it will not be good. Also, people that sign up with a company or program through these types of lists tend to be much more targeted than people that simply purchase email lists from a list broker or company.

    If you really want to rent email lists then one of the best ways to do so is by purchasing them. Buying email lists can be a little bit expensive but in terms of cost versus benefit it can actually be a good thing. With buying email lists you will be able to target the audience that is looking for what you have to offer. While you won’t be able to target everyone with one method, you will be able to target people that are looking for what you have to offer. Buying the lists can also help you build relationships with customers which can potentially lead to sales.

    Although buying email services can be a good choice, it isn’t the best choice. Email lists are great because they allow you to market to targeted audiences that you can target based on their interests. However, buying lists can lead to a large bounce rate amongst new visitors. Bounce rates are when a person comes to a website but doesn’t leave the site within a certain amount of time. This can result in lost revenue because when a visitor comes and leaves your site without buying any products you won’t receive any payment from them.

    A good way to avoid having a large bounce rate is to not only buy email lists but to also focus your marketing emails on people who are likely to open your emails. You can do this by only offering the email addresses of people who have shown interest in your niche in the past. This can include previous buyers of your products. It can also mean that people who show no sign of wanting to buy anything from you are more likely to open your email list.

    Renting email lists can also be a good method for email marketing because you don’t have to buy them. Many internet marketing companies to make large investments in email lists and may not want to part with them in the early stages of a campaign. When you rent email lists you can send emails to these people at your own cost. You won’t have to pay for each and every email sent out but you will have to pay for the hosting of the lists if you plan on keeping up a large email marketing campaign. If you’re new to online marketing it’s wise to start small with email lists but once you get started with sending out emails, you can expand to other mediums as you see fit.