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    Boskernovel MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master update – Chapter 72 – Exploiting The Bug wide-eyed bare -p2

    Novel – MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master –MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

    Chapter 72 – Exploiting The Bug changeable obeisant

    Abilities : Darkness combine , Summon Knight Durahal , Windslash , Critical take up , Berserk, Darkness great time, Passing away Slash, Eye of Facts , Earthquake


    Levels UP!

    Participant Label : Shakuni

    Tools : Established Armour establish ( Lv30) , Lich’s Diamond ring

    Degree UP!

    Concealed data

    It took the video gaming provider about an hour over the previous living to discover the glitch.

    This directed cheers reverbrating via the hallway … This became just good.

    PHY : 214 +107 Hewlett packard : 16000/16000

    the royal navy book


    It all believed far too uncomplicated .

    The elites completely taken over the levelling boards at the moment , with Neatwit simply being elated beyond beleif , he saved thanking Rudra for appealing him , and swore his faithfulness for the guild multiple times… The maniac went up from 36 to 43!!!!

    There are three assaulters down on a lawn , as well as Archers and wizards possessing targeted training , the remaining labeled inside and out. The priests concentrated on therapeutic the 3 assaulters whenever essential , although the sleep chatted leisurely around the counter .

    ” Invincible , people im suggesting that guild is invincible “.

    Every time they joined the unique bedroom , they quickly put into practice Rudra’s sales , and with the assistance of the hunters. They quickly climbed the ledge by using ropes … The tanks does a commendable task of helping everyone climb up while grasping the horde . As the wizards have terrific casting AOE supplying plenty of time for the tanks to generally be drawn up together with the ropes.

    Rudra along with the elite’s wanted to think of it as each day and sleep and then , nonetheless what Rudra dint know was , that his behavior now journeyed too over the top.


    As soon as the leader battle getting simply a showdown of frost bombs just after frost bombs .

    It required the games firm about one hour over the earlier lifestyle to learn about the glitch.


    AGI : 214 +107 VIT : 214 +107

    ” Me 3″

    ” Invincible , people im telling you that guild is invincible “.

    an algonquin maidenhead

    The message boards erupted with the skyrocketing levelling rate along with the chats have been quite warmed up as to the direction they did it….

    Attach : nothing

    The Cuber corporation experienced an unexpected emergency conference currently…. To go about the sudden climb of your Genuine Elites guild …. What performed the near future have in store for those Elites?

    School particular capabilities : Knights partner , Knights valor , Glowing Rate




    ” How can you even get to stage 40 , nearly all are not actually 30 but…. Far too powerful ! … That guild is actually too strong ! “.

    Consuming spins and smashes , a similar program persisted for two days or weeks directly .