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    Novel –The Legend of Futian– The Legend of Futian

    Chapter 2523 – The Setup radiate lazy

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    This compelled an unusual start looking on Ye Futian’s deal with. This map… Is it?

    Quite as he was positioning the Deity Road map gone, Ye Futian spotted some thing bizarre. He made his view and seriously considered for a moment. He fully understood almost everything.

    Along with the cultivator below, with whitened beard and white colored curly hair, was precisely the existing guy who possessed previously exchanged with Ye Futian.

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    If Ye Futian needed to get rid of him, he had obviously he would not be able to leave and would drop his living.

    “Too overdue.” Ye Futian faced the person and directed together with his finger yet again. A dreadful lightweight appeared inside the void, breaking through through the s.p.a.ce, pa.s.sing with the other man’s body. Without hesitation or question, it had been fatality for both of them.

    Was he alluding into the alchemy approach or that map?

    The guy who experienced fled in the long distance could only experience a significant horror as his body was dealt with in the frosty sweat. Absolutely sure enough, it was him. Because the turmoil in Jiuyi Metropolis, town was secured decrease, and it was challenging for any information from the outside to come in. He was fortunate enough ahead by this bit of details from Yingzhou Location just before the lockdown, which included his smart decision failing to get himself included. Usually, within the predicament of three against just one, he would definitely have created a move too.

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    The person who acquired fled in to the range could only feel an enormous terror as his physique was coated in a very cool sweat. Positive plenty of, it was actually him. On account of the hardship in Jiuyi Community, town was locked downward, also it was hard for any media from the outside to arrive in. He was blessed ahead at this little bit of data from Yingzhou Location before the lockdown, which accounted for his good option not receiving himself required. In any other case, within the condition of three against one particular, he would certainly have created a relocate at the same time.

    His divine tire damaged, the cultivator who unleashed the infiltration simply let out a m.u.f.fled groan. His experience converted pale because he spat up a mouthful of blood. He looked at Ye Futian in horror, rear-peddling now, attempting to keep.

    Ye Futian discovered an unoccupied place and resulted in a cavern house. He entered the cavern dwelling immediately after establishing it, then set up a force of seal off outside it, which has been a common process among the cultivators.

    “You, my friend, are increasingly being seen by many people individuals, and that means you should be careful. Never take out the contents in frivolously.”

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    Is it which he was awed with the other man’s personality?

    But Ye Futian didn’t kill him. His eyes turned back as he, once again, searched for the battleground.

    If Ye Futian planned to kill him, he experienced without doubt he would not be able to keep and would get rid of his lifestyle.

    The other man didn’t a single thing. It appeared just as if he was merely looking at coming from the sidelines.

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    If this sounds like the Deity Chart, it must have a very lengthy background. This map was drawn a long time ago, plus some island destinations on the Western Sea Area might have experienced some shifts since that time. Some islands could have even faded for whatever reason. If this sounds like the scenario, it will be not possible to uncover it on the chart, Ye Futian believed. If that really was the way it is, it is going to build some difficulty in accurately determining the place depicted about the chart.

    “So this was why.” Ye Futian begin teeth coldly as he discovered that which was transpiring. It seemed that Jiuyi Location would soon encounter an unavoidable wonderful battle.

    When the other guy observe this, his deal with suddenly changed, his physique moving backward, wishing to leave the battlefield promptly.

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    Is it that he or she was awed with the other man’s character?

    Section 2523: The Set up

    When compared to that, the approach of Daoist Monk Mu was much wiser. Even so the idea was that he would not die by Li Qingfeng’s hands and wrists primary.

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    Such things as committing murders to stealing treasures were actually common. They occurred every day to all parts of the cultivation planet.

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    He got believed it becomes hard to obtain the Deity Chart right here, but when what he got as part of his possession was indeed the guide, this was much too quick.

    “Too latter.” Ye Futian confronted the man and pointed together with his finger once more. An awful gentle shown up inside the void, breaking through via the s.p.a.ce, pa.s.sing through the other man’s system. With no doubt or question, it turned out fatality for each of them.

    He unexpectedly appreciated some information which had been pa.s.sed through to Jiuyi Celestial Hill not too long ago and was instantly alarmed. With virtually no doubt, he made all over to go away, indicating, “I won’t tread these muddy oceans. The both of you can fight correctly if you desire.”

    If Ye Futian wished to get rid of him, he possessed without a doubt he would struggle to depart and would lose his lifestyle.

    Jiuyi City was made at a mountain peak. Listed below Jiuyi Town, the location was mountainous with numerous cultivators who cultivated over these mountains. Obviously, during those winding mountain / hill amounts, there have been buildings or cavern residences.

    “Too late.” Ye Futian experienced the person and pointed with his finger yet again. A horrible light sprang out on the void, infiltrating through the s.p.a.ce, pa.s.sing out via the other man’s body system. Without the hesitation or question, it was actually death for each of them.

    Ye Futian opened his eye, when the divine flame when in front of him obtained removed out. He looked up and spotted that this cavern dwelling was in the act of collapsing. He knew instantly a combat experienced erupted outside the house, but this was all within his expectations.

    Ye Futian was not amazed on the least since he acquired already suspected it.