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    Acne, like other diseases, might be controlled and cured but you need to find out the correct treatment that might do the job. Currently, you can find a number of control of acne where all are of nature. One of the most popular ones is treatment using laser beams. Let’s see how effective they’re and if there are any side effects.

    Laser beams move through the top skin to deeper levels. Even though skin surface remains unharmed, laser beams can inflict damage to the sebaceous glands which produce sebum. This damage then leads to reduced sebum production, that helps control acne. There are many other aesthetic laser treatments that focus on the P. acnes bacterium that is accountable for acne growth. Together with controlling acne, laser light treatments also can help in removal of acne scarring.

    Within the of very severe acne, treating the patients using erbium glass laser may result in just as much as 80% acne reduction within 6-12 months. This is confirmed in 2 separate researches earned during a session by the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. In a single of such researches, 18 acne patients were chosen that had different types of acne ranging from comedones to pustules. These patients had acne both on the face and so on the rear. After 12 months of laser therapy, only around 20% with the original acne lesions were remained there. It ought to be noted here why these people had previously tried other treatments like Accutane and medications but didn’t get sufficient results. However, all these other remedies were stopped at the very least six months before commencing laser therapy, so the other remedies would not affect experimental results.

    Although doctors did not find any serious side effects besides erythema and edema, the patients did report slight pain when laser beams were used. However, this research didn’t note the amount of treatments would be ideal if laser treatment therapy is used.

    The 2nd research too used erbium glass laser on 15 patients who were at the center or late stages of acne development. In this study, 80% in the lesions were removed red carpet months of treatment. Although subjects mentioned they felt less oil on his or her skin, lab tests didn’t show any significant loss of sebum production within the body.

    These studies in addition to others have proved great and bad laser therapy for the treatment of acne regardless if other methods like Accutane are not able to cure. However, for optimum effectiveness and fast cure, it is advisable to use laser therapy with some other proven treatments like vitamin B5. This may make sure that you not merely get rid of acne soon but in addition control acne once you stop laser treatment.

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