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    Novel –Chaotic Sword God– Chaotic Sword God

    Chapter 2926: Evidence Gathered delicate ask

    After causing the area with the divine crystal mine, the Godkings in quest immediately sped up with virtually no formations into their way. Although fleeing supervisor experienced already unleashed various approaches to get away, there were not a thing he could do about the fantastic disparity in durability, while he was merely an earlier Overgod, although the individuals chasing after him were definitely past due Godkings.

    After they left behind, someone outfitted just like a servant walked in externally, cleaning up the guests area. Following confirming there had been none of us around, the servant turned up within the edges with the bedroom and opened up a hidden growth with a key method, eradicating a recollection crystal from inside.

    “Tsktsk, the juniors today really are finding bolder and bolder. You even get the valor to eliminate a supervisor of your Tian Yuan clan. The guidelines on the Tian Yuan clan are quite rigorous, you are aware of? Even we, Boundless Excellent guards, cannot get rid of supervisors without valid reason,” Guard Mei stated gently and giggled. Who realized whether she was mocking the audacity in the Godkings or admiring their guts.

    “Don’t waste time. We superior end him off rapidly, just in case it causes any unnecessary trouble…” among the Godkings termed out. Using that, a superior quality saint artifact came out on his palm, and then he slashed it within the supervisor with a streak of light.

    “Hehehe, a supervisor? Despite the fact that, considering the fact that you’re strong adequate to get in our way, whether or not you are a manager, only fatality is waiting for you…”

    “After all, our Tian Yuan clan is getting huge now. We have many members, hence the regular costs are surprising. The heavenly assets will be depleted very quickly…”

    The Godkings all sneered, totally disregarding his identity like a manager.


    The late Godkings withstood virtually no probability before a Primordial realm skilled. They had been all firmly caught.

    The high-search engine ranking participants all guaranteed decrease, but just after they had left behind, half a dozen Infinite Best guards with protector Xue in the cause joined the Watercloud Hall as well.

    On the previous imperial money in the Blood flow Sunshine Kingdom, from the Business Connection of Divine Resources that specially dealt in numerous perfect assets.

    “Thank you for your personal services, guard Mei.” The supervisor who obtained narrowly escaped death bowed towards protector Mei gratefully.

    The manager was stuffed with lose hope. The difference between an early Overgod and a later Godking was so excellent that he endured virtually no possibility in anyway.

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    Just after leaving the locality of the divine crystal my own, the Godkings in pursuit immediately sped up without any formations with their way. Even though the fleeing supervisor experienced already unleashed a variety of techniques to avoid, there is not a thing he could do about the terrific disparity in power, because he was merely a young Overgod, while folks chasing after him were definitely later Godkings.

    “Hehehe, you little ones still won’t sacrifice, huh? The clan will obviously decide if he’s a manager or not. We do not demand you building a ruckus here at this time. Regarding guard An, he’s just a protector the Tian Yuan clan externally recruited. Since when did the clan demand him to spell out what proceeded within the clan?” Guard Mei giggled. By using a influx of her fingers, the band about her waistline immediately flew out. It achieved three hundred m very long inside the blink associated with an attention and twisted across the Godkings.

    “Hehehe, a manager? Though, since you are bold adequate to get in our way, regardless of whether you’re a supervisor, only dying awaits you…”

    “Don’t fret, do not get worried. Leave this as much as us. We will definitely ensure your superiors are content. Oh start looking, the heavenly sources that this Tian Yuan clan demands happens to have multiplied by the dozen situations in rate on account of particularly excellent desire recently…” The vice chief smiled craftily.

    The negotiation finished with all parties abandoning the enclosed invitee bedroom with content huge smiles across their facial looks.


    “Oh my, what is going on here currently? Exactly why are you combating among yourselves?” But at this point, a velvety speech rang out. A stunning women suddenly came out there. With a soft wave of her hand, the streak of light in the later Godking shattered.

    After, protector Mei shown to herself, “That young girl Xi Yu has long been consuming a lot more radical decisions fairly recently. She’s becoming a lot more heavy-handed far too. She even forcefully sent guard Xue on a vision. Looks like she’s intending to take a step huge.”


    “However, the clan head has yet to return, and mature Xu stays aloof to those concerns as well. She is still entirely uninvolved with all the issues of the Tian Yuan clan. If it is exactly the woman, exactly where is she acquiring her trust from…”


    During the previous imperial budget from the Blood vessels Sun Kingdom, within the Market Association of Religious Assets that specially dealt in various incredible information.

    “Take them!” Xi Yu snorted coldly and directly ordered the Godkings being taken away. Soon after, she stared with the Endless Primes cautiously and asked, “Protectors, may I request how you’ve been choosing that?”

    Guard Mei occured to generally be among them.

    Afterwards, guard Mei considered to themselves, “That young girl Xi Yu has actually been getting ever more serious steps just lately. She’s becoming more and more heavy-given far too. She even forcefully mailed protector Xue with a mission. Resembles she’s getting ready to want to do something large.”

    “We completed the objective, luckily for us. Every one of the evidence is inside of these ability to remember crystals,” guard Xue stated flatly and immediately tossed out many dozen memory space crystals. He explained in thought, “However, in order to deal with these covers, just this evidence is nowhere near adequate, as some evidence may actually be forged. Whenever they decline to disclose it, there’s not a thing we can caused by them both.”

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    The manager was stuffed with lose faith. All the difference between an earlier Overgod in addition to a delayed Godking was so good that they stood simply no probability at all.

    The negotiation finished with the two of you making the sealed guests bedroom with fulfilled huge smiles across their encounters.

    Chapter 2926: Data Compiled

    “Hehehe, you youngsters still won’t give up, huh? The clan will obviously decide if he’s a supervisor or not. We don’t want you generating a ruckus here yet. In terms of protector An, he’s only a guard the Tian Yuan clan externally employed. Considering that when have the clan need to have him to explain what continued in the clan?” Guard Mei giggled. Which has a wave of her fingers, the ring all over her stomach immediately flew out. It hit three hundred meters long on the blink of the eyesight and covered around the Godkings.