Is the counselling course for me?

Students participating in our counselling courses represent diverse backgrounds, interests and ministry goals; they are NGO founders/ coordinators,human resource personnel, medical practitioners, social workers, pastors, youth ministers, counsellors, small group leaders, laypeople, missionaries, businessmen and women, retirees, and more.

When does the next semester begin?

Our semesters begin in January, May & September for the Certificate and Diploma Courses. Please see our  course page for the official start date of each class and the dates for our short courses.

When is the registration deadline?

Please see our course registration or calendar page for the registration deadline of each course and/or semester.

I missed the registration deadline! Can I still register for a course?

We do offer a waiting list for courses depending on space available in our courses. If a waiting list is available after a registration deadline, then you would be permitted to still register

What is the fee for the short course, certificate course and Diploma course?

Check the course page for the current prices of each course

Do you offer financial aid or discounts?

ADI-CS is unfortunately not able to offer any scholarships or grants for now. However, we do have special discounts available for individuals (within a deadline), families and groups of four or more.

Family members living in the same household and who take the same class within a year may receive a family discount of 50% off of one registration. Contact Student Services for details.

For more information on Group discounts, contact Student Services. Family members living in the same household and who take the same class within a year may receive a family discount of 50% off of one registration. Contact Student Services for details.

For more information on Group discounts, contact Student Services.

May I pay for my course in instalments?

Yes, you are permitted to pay in installments. Contact Student services for more details.

Do any of the courses have prerequisites?

Basic Certificate in Counselling Course is a prerequisite to our Diploma Certificate Course

When and where will my class meet?

Our classes hold at 21, RajiOladimejicresent via AdebisiOladapoOkuwa Avenue Jubilee Road MagodoShangishaLagos

Can you please send me a syllabus?

Yes, please send us a mail to request for or check our course description page

What can I do with ADI certificate?

Our program provides a robust counselling education. ADI offers explicit introduction to Psychosocial counselling, Clinical counselling, Biblical Counselling and Workplace/ Organizational Counselling.Our students are exposed to whatcounselling is, its various forms, approaches and technicalities. As students continue in the program, they are able to explore specific topics (for example: marriage, children and adolescents, addictions, depression, anxiety, etc.) in a deeper and more comprehensive way.

Is ADI accredited?

ADI is registered as a counselling and educational service with Cooperate Affairs Commission, Nigeria and presently processing its approval and accreditation from the Federal Ministry of Education. Our Professional Counselling Course Certificate is not a license but a verification of your training so you can present yourself as a professional.

Our partners include; Christian Counselling and Educational Foundation Philadelphia USA and Triune Biblical University New York. Our work is supported by Real Woman Foundation Nigeria, Church Management Consult Nigeria, Bethel Institute of Theology and Biblical Research Nigeria and Biblical Counselling UK.

How long do I have to complete any certificate?

Students must complete all courses towards a particular certificate within a four-year period

How do I begin working on the certificate program?

You can start by registering for our Foundation Certificate or the Basic Certificate Course, which is part of the Diploma in Counselling Certificate. You can check the course page for when the courses are available for registration.

I would like to register an organization, NGO or church group to take a course together. What is the best way to proceed?

We are thrilled that you would like to take an organization, NGO or church group through a course! Please contact Student Services well before the registration deadline so that we can assist you with your registration. If you would rather have someone or a team from ADI come to speak at an organization, NGO or church on counselling or about ADI-CS courses, do notify us so we can work out the modalities.

If you haven’t found the answer to your question, feel free to send a message to ADI Counselling School